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4D-3N Bromo Highlight


Paket-BromoMap Jatim

Arriving at Surabaya met and direct transfer to Mt. Bromo area on 2.400 m (about 4 hours) for overnight ….
D-2 =  BROMO      (B)
@ 02.30 am, with a 4WD jeep, drive to Penanjakan hill (2.700 m) (about 1 hour) known as the highest point of view in the whole landscape of Bromo National Park … Do photo session until after sunrise from this spot (subject to weather) ….. Next drive down to visit Bromo mountain itself for its crater. Then back to hotel and have breakfast. Next free program. Afternoon proceed to Savanna at the caldera of Mt. Bromo for photo session till sunset time (subject to weather).
D-3 =  BROMO       (B)
@ 04.30 AM, with a 4WD jeep, proceed to Mt. Bromo (2.400 m) for sunrise photo session from the slope of it (horse included) (subject to weather)… then the daily activities of local people and tourists going up to Mt. Bromo in the morning. Then on to savanna behind Mt. Bromo … Back to hotel and have breakfast. Noon is free. Afternoon walk through vegetable gardens with background Mt. Bromo around Sruni point for photo session until sunset time.
D-4 =  BROMO       (B)
@ 05.00 am have a walk in a village around Bromo for sunrise photo session and local people’s morning activity, including the landscape of vegetable gardens and surrounding (subject to weather). Back to hotel for breakfast. Then drive to Surabaya (about 4 hours) and connect with your international flight departure (must be after 18.00 pm) …

PRICE : To ask …

Transportation, Hotel accommodation with daily b’fast, 4WD jeep for Bromo excursion, all entrance fees and photo setting, local escort (photographer), daily mineral water.

Personal expenses at hotel, daily lunches n dinners, tipping gratuities.

1. Temperature (June – Oct) is about 10 C degree (early morning)
2. To bring wide n tele lens
3. Trolley bag is OK during the trip.

Flight departure must be after 18.00 pm.


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